Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Head Injury Management with Minimally Invasive Techniques

Headinjury is one of the most complicated of all injuries due to its ability to cause a profound effect on the physical and mental well being of a person. It is often defined as the alteration in the physical or mental state of a person due to a blow on head. The advent of minimally invasive head injury management techniques has greatly helped in simplifying the treatment and recovery.

Head injuries can occur due to falls, accidents or as a part of sports injury. They are often manifested through symptoms such as seizures, vomiting, disorientation, dizziness, fainting, confusion, lethargy and so on that are experienced after receiving blow to the head. They can be diagnosed through a series of cognitive tests, blood tests and scanning procedures.

Conventional open surgeries, especially conducted at prime location such as the brain area is associated with a lot of complexities. With the development of minimally invasive technology, we have been able to reduce the risk factor associated with the procedure.

Dr.Shyam Sundar K is one of the most renowned Neurosurgeon in Chennai with a world of experience gained through his stints across the various multi-specialty hospitals here. He is highly specialised in various realms of neurology and neurosurgery with an exception success rate in surgeries.

Minimally invasive treatment procedures for head injury are carried out with a thin tube called an endoscope that is attached with a high definition camera, which helps in better visualisation of the site of injury. They require smaller incisions which help in faster recovery and less pain associated with the surgery.

Microendoscopic head surgeries help in repair and removal of diseased areas without affecting the adjoining cells or areas. The various advantages of minimally invasive head injury management techniques are as follows: -
  • Shorter recovery and operating time 
  • Reduced rates of mortality and morbidity
  • Minimal pain and blood loss 
  • Cost effective and shorter hospitalisation 
  • Reduced chances of complication or trauma 
Dr.Shyam Sundar K is a leading neurosurgeon renowned for his effective treatment for various neurological disorders.

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