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Brain Injury Treatment In Chennai

Brain injury is one of the leading causes of death in the industrialized world. Brain damage may occur at birth or due to accidents. In so many ways damages by road accidents, violent assault and firearms misuse and in many ways people's lives have been changed while causing brain damage.

Brain Injury Treatment Chennai

Traumatic brain injury is caused by a blow, sports related accidents and other damages to the head or body. It will affect long term disabilities and serious conditions. As we all know, most of the causes of brain injuries are road accidents and our careless driving. At the time of incident and the circumstances, injuries can range from mild to severe and it affects and spreads to more parts of the brain.

Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment

There are more factors that are noticed for the people who are suffered from brain injuries. They may avoid the Winter weather because it is a risky time for brain injured people. So it is important to take extra care.

  Conditions Treated

  •  Stroke
  •  Heart attack
  •  Aneurysm
  •  Bleeding
  •  Trauma to the head or neck

Diffuse Brain Injury

There are many different types of treatments available for patients of traumatic brain injury. We have to choose most effective for the  conditions and best techniques to improve your health. Anyone who has a head or brain injury needs immediate attention, they have to know about the extent of the damage. So we can discuss with brain surgeon and assist the correct diagnosis and treatment to minimize the brain damage.

Brain Surgery in Chennai

Chennai Brain and Spine deals with an experienced neurosurgeon and effect and severity of brain injuries is determined by neurological exam, neuro imaging tests and scan procedures. Also with the help of psychiatrists and rehabilitaation therapists. Brain surgeon  stabilize the patient to prevent further injury and ensure blood and oxygen flow properly. 

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