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Is Cranial Skull Fracture a Huge Challenge for you?

Fracture is a common medical term among most of us. At one point or the other, a member of our family might have had affected by fractures and sought medical advice. But how many of us would have heard about cranial skull fractures? Of course, it sounds a little disturbing. Any sort of break in the cranial bone or skull is considered a cranial skull fracture. The early you get medical assistance, the less the complicated it would be. It mainly occurs when the head gets a hard blow that in turn, breaks the bone. Brain injury may also result in skull fractures. Dr. Shyam Sundar K, an expert in neurosurgery is one of the best doctors available for skull fracture surgery in Chennai.

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What is a Skull Fracture?

The skull/cranial bone act as a protective shield to safeguard our brain from trauma. The skull fracture occurs whenever the head gets in contact with a very strong force that would apparently break the skull. The symptoms of skull fracture vary from patient to patient depending upon the impact of the blow on the skull and the shape of the object that causes the impact. A few often seen symptoms include facial bruising, swelling on the affected area, bleeding from nostrils, blurred vision, nausea, fainting and loss of balance.

How to Diagnose Skull Fracture?

Once these symptoms are recognized within a patient, the appropriate nature of the damage has to be properly evaluated. This is possible through X-ray, MRI and CT scan for diagnosing skull fractures.


The factors such as the patient’s age, medical history, health and even severity of the fracture have to be considered before finding out the right treatment for the patient. Pain medication like Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is used in order to alleviate pain, if the fracture is not severe. Else, a neurosurgery is required to put an end to the overflow of cerebrospinal fluid from nostrils. Most of the fractures heal as time moves on.
However, as prevention is always better than merely suffering, it is better to rely on the foremost measure to stay out of skull fractures. Wearing helmets and headgears while riding cycles and bikes is the best way possible to prevent it.

Rush to Dr. Shyam Sundar if you are battling against skull fractures so that he can offer you latest cranial fracture treatment in India in no time.
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