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Best Stroke Treatment

A stroke can be defined as a "brain attack". This happens when a particular area of brain is cut off or blood clots and the blood flows to that region. This deprives the oxygen in cells of that region. This disables the activities that are controlled by that particular region such as loss of memory and muscle control.

People affected by stroke depend on the location on the brain and the severity with which stroke has happened. People affected by small stroke may have some temporary weakness of arms and legs. But those with severe strokes may undergo the danger of paralysis and may even cause death. Most of the people affected with paralysis suffer from some disabilities.

Causes of stroke:
Strokes normally occur when the blood supply to the brain is stopped or blocked, or if the blood cells in brain gets ruptured due to any reason. This will damage the blood tissues and make them completely function less.

Symptoms of stroke:
Symptoms of strokes occurs normally suddenly when it happens. Its symptoms may include,
  • Confusion in speaking and understanding while conversing
  • Severe headache which is accompanied with altered vomiting and unconsciousness
  • Numbness or tingling on one side of the body (normally face, arms and legs)
  • Vision trouble (in any one or in both eyes)
  • Trouble in walking (unbalanced or lack in coordination)

Risk factor of Stroke:
People above the age of 55 are most affected by stroke. This may be sometimes hereditary but mostly this happens in people with obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension those who use alcohol and cigarette in a heavy manner. People who suffer from cardiovascular disease like, heart failure, heart infection and abnormal heart rhythm, are also at the risk of stroke.

Treatments for stroke:
Stroke takes fifth position in the list of disorders causing human death. This being a terrible disease it should be treated immediately when detected. Providing the emergency medications like clot busting drugs in order to remove the blood clot is the first step adopted during stroke treatment. Medications are directly delivered to brain to the area where stroke has occurred.
Further treatment may include controlling the bleeding and pressure reduction in brain. Surgical methods are adopted to repair the damaged blood tissues.

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Treating Back and Neck Pain from A to Z

Do you feel any back or neck pain?? Are you an IT employee?? Do you have craze in bike riding?? Is your age between 30 and 55??

You might have confused about the unrelated question asked. But the actual truth is, all this questions are related. Most of us are suffering from back and  neck pains. But, we are not taking the initiative to find out the reason and to cure it . Only thing we are doing is, we just neglect this pain without knowing the consequences of it. Back pain and Neck Pain are the important signs of of Disc Problems. What is actually a disc problem??? It is the condition where we fails to straighten or bend because of pain. Disc problems can be worser. It is commonly found in IT employees, hardcore bike riders and in middle aged people.

Back Pain includes lower, upper and middle back pains. Lack of exercise, smoking, arthritis (inflammation of joints which cause pain) and degenerative disc disease are some Causes Of Back Pain. In the case of neck, pain may occur from bottom part of head to top of the shoulder area.  Poor positioning of the body, placing the neck in bad position while sleeping and working at a chair for a long time without changing the position.

1.  IT employees : IT employees has to sit in front of the computer for long period of time    without changing their position. And this leads to disc problems.  Here are few tips for  preventing disc related problems in IT employees :

  • Height of your chair - Chair should be in a proper height so that we can see the screen without bending or looking up
  • Screen position - Screen must be in suitable position which help us to view the screen without any effort.
  • Seating gesture - It is the most important factor everyone must look into. Improve the way of sitting reduces the pain.

2.  Bike riders : Bike riding is really a great passion for almost all. There are many small    reason among which many of them are unnoticed.  And these reasons leads to all the
Disc problems. if you follow the points mentioned below you can enjoy your riding without any problems.

  • Sit well forward
  • Keeps the head up and place the chin in the direction of travel
  • Be relaxed while driving

3.  People of age between 30  and 55 : When we become aged, we experience pain  in our back. Lifting or pulling heavy objects, tension, over usage of muscles and smoking are the main reason why pain commonly affects middle aged people.

Treatments are available for the disk problems, which includes Medical Management, Physiotherapy and surgery. Medical management involves medication given for pain (aspirin), narcotics (codeine), can be given orally or injected (steroids). Physiotherapy is classified into active and passive therapy. Stretching and weight lifting is related to active. massage and ultrasound is the part of passive therapy. Replacing disk the main surgery option available.

By reading above, everyone might have figured out the points to be taken care. Those who have disc problem. It's your rights to pick the Best Treatment Centers for Disc Problems. Chennaibrainandspine provides the best Disc Problem Treatments in Chennai.

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