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Brain Tumor Treatment in Chennai

Tumor is the mass of tissue that is formed due to the accumulation of abnormal cells. The cells normally age, die and will be replaced by new cells. But these cell cycle become interrupted due to cancer and tumor. Although the body doesn't require tumor cells, they will grow considerably adding more and more cells. These tumor cells will not die and so the growth continues increasing its mass.

The tumor which emerge from the various cells in the brain is termed as brain tumor. According to the kind of brain cells in which they first form, they are named differently. Brain tumors normally emerge from the various cells that make up the brain and central nervous system. 

Brain Tumor Treatment

Brain tumor can of of two types,

  • Malignant tumor
  • Benign tumor
Malignant tumor are cancerous tumors which contains cancer cells which are highly dangerous. Benign tumor are non-cancerous in nature.

Malignant brain tumors which are cancerous that originate in the brain, grows faster than benign tumors (non-cancerous). Although brain cancer rarely spreads to other organs, it will spread to other parts of the brain and central nervous system.

Benign brain tumors are usually not deeply rooted and so it is easy to surgically remove. But even after the removal, they can still come back, although benign tumors are less likely to recur than malignant tumors.

According to the type of occurrence brain tumor can be classified in to two,

  • Primary brain tumor
  • Secondary brain tumor
A primary brain tumor is a tumor which starts in the brain and there it continues to grow.

If there is a cancerous tumor else were in the body, it sends cells which end up growing in the brain. These types of brain tumors are called secondary or metastatic brain tumors.

Symptoms of Brain Tumor :

Brain tumor symptoms vary according to the location and type of tumor. Since different areas of the brain control different functions of the body, where the tumor lies affects the way symptoms are manifested. Some tumors doesn't show any symptoms but will effect in the decline of health. 

Symptoms of Brain Tumor

  • One of the common symptom for brain tumor is headache.
  • Seizures
  • Balance problems
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Problems with memory
  • Change in speech, vision and hearing
  • Changes in mood, personality or ability to concentrate
  • Numbness or tingling in arms or legs

Brain Tumor Diagnosis :

The diagnosis of brain tumor starts by asking some normal questions to check whether the patient is showing any symptoms, if doctors suspect a brain tumor, then they may request for any of the following tests,

  • Imaging tests like CT or MRI to see detailed images of brain. 
  • MRA or angiogram. Here x-rays or dyes are used to get idea about the blood vessels in the brain. Thus to check whether there is any signs of abnormality.

Brain Tumor Treatment :

Surgery to remove the tumor is normally the principal choice once a brain tumor has been detected. However, a few tumors can't be surgically removed due to their position in the brain. In those cases, chemotherapy and radiation treatment are the choices for shrinking and killing the tumor. In some cases, chemotherapy or radiation therapy is likewise utilized after surgery to kill any remaining cancer cells. Tumors that are deeply rooted in the brain or located in areas that are difficult to reach might be treated with Gamma Knife therapy, which is a type of focused radiation treatment.

Brain Tumor Treatment in Chennai

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