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Brain Tumor Surgery for Children in Chennai

Cancer is the most dangerous disease affecting both children and adults. The type of cancer affecting children is totally different from that of adults. The major types of cancer affecting children between the age of 0-14 are brain and other central nervous system (CNS) tumors,  acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL),  and neuroblastoma. With the advancement in treatment, there is a high increase in the survival rate of children.

The cause of cancer in children is typically unknown. Some environmental factors like exposure to radiation, some parental exposure such as smoking may also increase the risk of causing cancer in children.

Pediatric tumors

Pediatric tumors are the most common solid tumor of childhood. Brain and spinal cord tumor are the abnormal growth of cells in the brain and spinal cord. The brain tumor in children affect the lower parts of the brain like cerebellum, brain stem etc.

Can brain and spinal cord tumors in children be prevented?

It is difficult to prevent cancer in children but advanced treatment techniques can prevent it up to some extent. For children with other types of cancer, radiation therapy is a better, but doctor tries to limit the dose of radiation as much as possible.

Symptoms of Tumor

Tumors in the brain cause pressure inside the skull. Increased pressure causes:
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Crossed eyes or blurred vision
  • Behavior changes
  • Balance problems
  • Behavior changes
  • Drowsiness or even coma

The diagnosis of brain tumors in children is sometimes very difficult because of the lack of cooperation and inability to relate their symptoms by age. The test will need to confirm the diagnosis.

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