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Best Effective Spine Surgery In Chennai

Spine surgery is  practiced in those individuals who have severe problems in one or more discs in the spine. Our spine can get injured due to different reasons like, aging, trauma, improper body mechanics, structural abnormalities which may lead to back pain and other severe symptoms like, pain in leg and weakness or numbness in leg.

A chronic back pain can be considered as a situation which needs a team of health professionals to diagnose and treat it.

Open spine surgery Vs Minimally invasive spine surgery:

The traditional practice of spine surgery was carried out as open surgery. This entails the opening the operative area through a long incision. This enables the surgeon to access the spinal anatomy properly. But now as the technology has advanced and is still advancing, more and more spine disorder condition can be treated using minimally invasive surgical procedure.

As there are no involvement of any long incisions in the minimal invasive spine surgery, the open manipulation of muscles and tissue are avoided, and therefore the time duration of the operative time is made shorter. This also leads to the fast recovery of the patient.

Different surgical approaches by the surgeon:

For an open surgery and minimally invasive spine surgery, the spine can be accessed from different directions. Different approaches to access the spine are;
Anterior approach  : The surgical access to the spine is from the front of your body (through abdomen)
Posterior approach : Access to the spine is through the incision made at the back of your body.
Lateral approach : Spine is accessed through the side of your body.

Common type of spine surgeries:

A numerous conditions of spine leads to a spine surgery. The common type of Spinal Cord Surgery in Chennai include;
Discectomy or Microdiscectomy : Removal of all parts of herniated disc.
Laminectomy : Deals with the pressure relieving by removing the bone spur in the spine.
Laminotomy : Process of removing a portion of lamina that covers the spine.
Foraminotomy : Removes the  bone in the passage where the nerve root branches off the spinal cord.
Disc replacement : An injured disc is replaced with an artificial cord.
Spinal fusion : A surgical approach to join two vertebrae.

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