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Brain Injury Treatment In India

What is brain Injury ?

Brain injury, is injury to the brain after the  birth and it  is not inborn or degenerative disease. There are types of brain injury. A destruction to the brain induced by trauma by means of a direct force or a blow on head, that is it may be cause by a fall, direct contact from sports or directly by an automobile accidents are the common cause for Brain Injury. The brain bruised itself, or damage might occur by a lack of blood supply to an area of the brain. This is how a brain injury is happening. 

How brain injury is diagnosed?

Brain Injury diagnosis by a Neurosurgeon is by assessing the symptoms that experiencing by the Victim. Doctor checks the level of his/her vital signs of Pulse, Blood pressure and assess the functions of Brain by an Neurological examination. The neurosurgeons prefer “Glasgow Coma Scale” which is the best test to diagnose a Brain Injury. This test evaluates the verbal responses of the Injured persons to the Doctor by his instructions, the movement of legs, eyes, arms. This actions are controlled by the brain and if there any impairment, it helps to identify the level of the Brain Injury. By X-rays doctor can study with the help of images of skull and neck, if by CT Scan it can produce images with more details of brain and head. In some cases MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanning is also used.

Symptoms of Brain injury

  • Lack of  attention and difficulty with memory.
  • Injured person may experience movement and balance problems and changes in behavior.
  • They may be moody, weepy and not be able to control themselves.
  • Injured person may become unconscious when lack of getting oxygen to the brain.
  • Sudden  changes in vision, weakness or coordination.
  • Balance issues and severe headache are the common symptoms.

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