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Symptoms and Treatment for Blood clots in Brain

A blood clot is formed in the brain, due to bleeding that takes place in the area between the skull and brain. Functioning of the brain is affected due to pressure as a result of blood clot that is exerted on the brain. Causes of blood clots in the brain may be due injury to head or neck. The clot when it moves to another part of the body, blocks blood supply and causes a stroke. Therefore, a clot formed in the neck can move to the brain and cause a stroke. The other cause of blood clotting in the brain is bleeding problems.                                 
                                            Symptoms of blood clot

Blood Clot Symptoms in Brain

Severe Headache

The presents of blood clot make severe headache. Many patients report that this is a new type of headache that they have never experienced.

Loss of Sensation

The presents of blood clot blocks the blood supply to a part of the brain, because of this lose normal sensation in some part of the body, such as the face, arm, or leg.

Difficulty Speaking
Difficulty Speaking occurs when blood clot shuts down blood flow needed by the parietal lobe of the brain, this is the part of the brain that controls speech.

Treatment for Blood Clot in Brain

The blood clot treatment in brain depends on the cause of the blood clot. Sometimes doctors prescribe aspirin in order to dissolve blood clots. In other cases blood clot busters are used to treat the blood clot as well.

Brain surgeries also carried out in order to solve blood clot problems in brain. Cost of this treatment is much affordable in India and Treatment for Blood Clot in Brain can be best done in.

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